About Us
Bright Start is an independent Pre-school located in the heart of the village of Borough Green in Kent. We have excellent working relationships with all the local Primary Schools. The term before your child turns 2 years+ we can offer a fun, creative and stimulating environment in safe and comfortable surroundings.  We have a dedicated and well qualified team of staff and benefit from having a Qualified Teacher on site every day.


We provide a caring environment which recognises the importance of each child as an individual and always consider how we are able to meet the special educational needs of all children and families.


We have 2 special educational needs coordinators in the setting, Nicky and Laura.  Our senco’s are established practitioners and have attended relevant and recent training to keep abreast of new strategies and techniques to provide your child with the best start.  They ensure that families and key workers are provided with the best support and resources that we can provide in order to help with the ongoing development of your child and this includes managing behaviour.  Brightstart as a preschool feels very strongly about the importance of building strong bonds with parents and carers, realising that you are the primary caregivers, and work alongside you to get the best for your child.  The sencos will make referrals to the appropriate professionals with your consent and attend the local inclusion forum team (LIFT) meetings to gain advice and make the referral for you, ensuring that the very best help and support is given to you and your child.  


An Environment in which our preschoolers can grow & excel


Each child is treated individually and guided through the Early Years Foundation Stage using observations and individual planning designed by their Key Person, whilst considering the child’s own interests to develop their learning to the fullest.  This enables each child to reach their personal goals and targets in a method and speed that suits them.  Staff are more than happy to discuss how the EYFS is implemented in setting and how parents/carers can access more information to help their children at home.

Key Worker System

The key worker system is at the heart of our planning and communication with parents, as well as

being an integral part of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) requirements.  Each staff member is

assigned a number of 'Key Children'.  It is their responsibility to observe and familiarise themselves

with their key children and provide individual planning for your child,  2 Year Checks and Unique Stories and ensure that

'their' children are progressing satisfactorily and in line with EYFS guidelines.  Another key

element of the key worker system is to develop a close bond with the family and carers to

ensure a smooth and enjoyable preschool journey is achievable for everyone involved.


 We liaise with ALL the primary schools in the local vicinity to ensure that your child's educational progression is as seamless as possible.

We benefit from having a Qualified Teacher on site daily which means we can get your child ready for their onward journey to school. 

During our Rising 5 Sessions primary school teachers are invited into the setting to visit with the children who are leaving in the forthcoming  term to prepare them for their move to Primary School in September.  This ensures the transition is as smooth and worry free for them as possible.


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Bright Start Pre-school

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