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 We would like to confirm that we are fully open from 1st September 2020.  

During the unprecedented closure and limitations on opening since March we would like to let you know that we have taken the opportunity to update both the inside and outside areas of the setting, adding lots of new activities for your children to take part in.  


We have updated may of our policies and addressed some of our procedures and adapted them to fit in with the new ‘normal’.  We will constantly keep you abreast of any further developments and notification that we receive from the Government and Local Authority. 


During the break we have conducted a thorough risk assessment and have put in addition procedures to ensure that all risk is reduced to an absolute minimum.  Whilst we would like to add that working in a preschool is not an entirely risk free environment, we would like to ensure you that we are doing everything in our power to reduce these risks for everyone.  Whilst Coronavirus remains in the community we have been advised to stay alert, and this is the reason why we have continued to implement new policies and procedures.  This will continue until the Government tells us it is safe to do otherwise.  

When dropping off and picking up your children from preschool we ask you to respect social distancing and remain two meters apparent when waiting in the car park.  We have introduced a longer drop off and pick up slot to minimise the amount of parents/carers turning up at once.  We are sorry to say that at the present time parents and carers will not be able to enter the building unless prior arrangements have been made with staff.


Staff are still happy to speak with your about their child’s progress of any concerns – this can be done at pick up and drop off, but we ask if it is something that will be rather lengthy that an appointment is made throughout the day or before/after the session.


We are continuing to keep our children in ‘bubbles’ of a maximum of 15 daily.


We are currently enrolling for September 2020.  We ask that any appointments are before/after sessions if at all possible, if not we are happy to do during snack or lunch times when the children are sat down.  We are only permitting one parent to visit and these visits will be kept brief and any paper work will be emailed to the prospective parent/carer for completion.


Please stay safe

The Brightstart Team xx






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