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Bright Start Pre-school
Parish Hall
25 Quarry Hill Road
Borough Green
TN15 8RQ

School Hours

Monday – Friday: 8am – 3pm
Weekends: Closed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to find out more details of what we offer for both you and your child.

Where are the staff ratios?

1 member of staff to 4 2 year olds

1 member of staff to 8 3 year olds

What snacks to do you provide?

Breakfast Snack – 9.30am onwards

A variety of different breakfast foods are provided including Cereals, Toast, Hot Cross Buns, Crumpets, Fruit, Milk and Water

Water is provided all day

Afternoon Snack – 2.30 pm

A choice of cheese, breadsticks, cucumber, raisins or occasionally a biscuit. Milk and Water

Do the children go outside every day?

Yes, free flow to outside is available the majority of the time the setting is open, with children wearing appropriate clothing for the weather.  

Do children have to bring a packed lunch!

No, whilst parents can provide a packed lunch for their child, hot dinners are also cooked on site at an additional cost of £2 per child per day.  Please see the sample menu for ideas of what is provided.  

How is children's learning extended?

Children are observed by their key person with daily observations being made on the child and being plotted upon the Early Years Foundation Stage grid.  This is then entered on the ‘progress tracker’ which shows a traffic light colour coded system which highlights any successes or cause for concern.  This is then written up in the child’s next steps using their current interests into facilitating engagement and involvement into activities.